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Founded in 1920 by Lawrence Gill

The Gill Electric Company was founded by Mr. Lawrence Gill in 1920, in Redlands, California, where the factory remains today. At that time, Gill Electric was manufacturing lead-acid batteries for the automotive industry. During the war years, Gill manufactured batteries for military ground vehicles and aircraft; some of these batteries are still in production today.

Gill Electric improved the drycharged process which provides a fresh charged product when the electrolyte is added. Gill has become the OEM "original equipment battery" for Raytheon, Cessna, LearJet, Mooney, Piper, Ayres, Airtractor, Maule, Schweizer and others in the aviation industry and Gill continues to be the industry's choice for quality battery products.

Teledyne Company in 1966

Teledyne Industries acquired the Gill Electric Company in 1966 and continued producing high-quality batteries. Gill's engineers were called upon to produce a lightweight, 24-volt battery for use in today's modern general aviation aircraft. Airframe manufacturers worldwide rely on Gill's commitment to unrelenting quality and customer support to provide aircraft operators with dependable products for their aircraft.

Pioneered the 600 Series Battery to replace Ni-Cad batteries

Gill engineers were once again called upon to produce a high performance, high-rate discharge battery to handle jet engines. Gill's 600 series batteries have become a standard in the industry. This group of batteries has proven that high-performance, high-rate discharge lead-acid batteries can and do meet the demands of today's high-performance jet and turbo-prop aircraft. Gill's STC program was developed to certify the 600 series batteries on popular corporate aircraft, making installation and approval an easy task. This is an on going program with new approvals being added on a regular basis.

Valve-Regulated Batteries

Gill's line of Valve-Regulated batteries are now available in the most popular sizes and is FAA approved. Development continues to provide one of the most modern and reliable batteries in the industry. In 2007, Gill developed the 7000 Series LT Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) battery line, providing the best possible lead-acid chemistry for our customers. The 7000 Series is designed to provide optimal power, fast recharge and superior life. Gill's new 7000 Series LT-VRLA is fast becoming the choice for original equipment in a growing list of airframe manufacturers.

Ground Support Batteries

Gill also provides ground-power batteries for battery-powered start carts. A special 4 or 8 volt battery added to the system raises the start-cart voltage to 28 volts. Gill has recognized the need for support equipment and accessories. Gill's constant voltage charger is light-weight and reasonably priced, providing efficient recharging of the lead-acid battery. Connectors and other related accessories are also available from your Gill distributor and dealer.

When aircraft battery needs arise, specify "Gill" - dependable batteries since 1920.

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