On initial charging, my battery charger charges at 2 amps, 6 amps, and 8 amps. You recommend charging at 3 amps for initial charging. Can I use my charger?

I have a new 12 volt battery and a 12 volt automotive charger. Can I use this type charger to charge my battery?

Is it OK to charge my battery for 4 hours today and finish the charge tomorrow?

On initial set-up, when adding electrolyte, the instructions indicate to fill to the bottom of the split ring. Is that the split near the top or down inside the battery?

I opened up my battery box in the aircraft and found acid droplets around the top of my battery. What caused this?

Can I charge my battery while aircraft is on ground?

I have a 12 volt battery low in charge and one cell that is very low on electrolyte. When is the best time to add distilled water?

Is it OK to add electrolyte after the initial conditioning?

How often does Gill recommend changing batteries?

Can I use automotive electrolyte in my battery?

What is good battery voltage on a new fully charged battery?